Phaax is operating throughout the MENA region, including the GCC, the Levant and North Africa.


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phaax is collaborating with international companies as well as local distributors in the MENA region.

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PHAAX established in 2014. PHAAX is a regional privately owned pharmaceutical company across Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), specializing in commercial development of innovative healthcare products.

Our Address

19,20, 5th Floor,
Building 71,
Dubai Health Care City,


+971-43834444 Ext-429

Phaax Pharmaceuticals – A Leading Partner in Pharmaceutical Innovation

Phaax Pharmaceutical is a privately-owned pharmaceutical and medical company in Dubai engaged in delivering innovative healthcare products to meet the unmet needs of the market. As a dynamic healthcare organization, our goal is to inspire people to take control of their health and invest in their wellbeing through safe and reliable healthcare products.

With our proven track record in building pharmaceutical brands, we are well-positioned to deliver meaningful and sustainable long-term value to our customers and partners on a large scale. With our deep understanding of our customer needs, combined with our commercial capabilities and geographic coverage, we are the ideal pharmaceutical partner to provide high-quality medicine with proven efficacy.

Revolutionary Healthcare Solutions & Products for Everybody

Being a recognized pharmaceutical company in UAE, we adhere to the highest standards we adhere to the highest standards of delivering high-quality consumer products, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. We invest effort in product development and portfolio management to introduce innovative health solutions and products for our customers. Each product we present is backed by scientific evidence and guarantees to provide positive and measurable results to patients.

We seek to excel in therapeutic areas where most of our clients have unmet needs and innovate to provide better health solutions for our partners and their patients. Our portfolio includes best skin care products, advanced wound care products, immunology, supplements for health maintenance and age reversal solutions.

A team of distinguished experts in the field of medicine & healthcare

Our organization is composed of highly regarded professionals in the field of the pharmaceutical industry and health professionals who are committed to innovation and excellence. Our team of marketing experts and medical representatives is dedicated to introducing and commercializing pharmaceutical products that can benefit the market.

We are guided by strict guidelines on bringing therapeutic care solutions and passionate about helping customers uplift their wellbeing through the products we offer.

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If you have questions regarding about our existing line of products or is interested in our business partnership proposition, call us at +97145531041 or email You can also complete our online contact form for faster communication.

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